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French 50s Filmstrips

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Lot of 47 French vintage filmstrips from the 50s, of various themes:

- Information: 9 "Paris Match" filmstrips with the news of 1954.

- Advertising: 2 adventures of "Petit Négro" (former hosiery brand) and "Per Lustucru".

- Teaching: geography (Rome, Florence, Algeria, Provence, Brittany, Catalonia, Denmark, Île-de-France, Mont-Saint-Michel, Sicily, Switzerland); science (vegetables, construction of the house, cold, teeth, milk).

- Stories for children: Treasure Island, Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor, L'Intrépide Choupinet, Le Roman de Renard.

Filmstrips are 35 mm film rolls with positive images (unlike photographic films where the images are negative). They were used for education. Among this lot some films are in their original box (round aluminum or red square cardboard); others don't have box anymore.

We sell the collection as found, with the wooden box in which they were kept.

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