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SOLD - 1944 WW2 Liberation Flags

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Lot of 4 flags from the Liberation, WW2 1944: American, English, French and Russian flags. These are homemade flags made on the occasion of this historic event. They come from the attic of a manor in Normandy. They are provided with small attachment cords at the corners.

The American flag has 48 stars arranged in line.

Note some discolorations and traces of humidity, and the stars of the American flag are half erased, however they are in good condition considering their age, and they are not moth-eaten.

These are collectibles, it is very rare to find the four flags of the Allies together!

Dimensions of the French flag: 59 x 61 cm (23.2 x 24 in).

Dimensions of the Russian flag: 57.5 x 55 cm (22.6 x 21.6 in).

Dimensions of the American flag: 56 x 54 cm (22 x 21.2 in).

Dimensions of the English flag: 60 x 49 cm (23.6 x 19.3 in).

Total weight 300 g (0.7 lb).