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Terms of sale

Applicable general terms of sales from 15 May 2014 onwards.


Broc & Pop is a Web site of secondhand trade.


SIRET : 532 754 140 00012

RCS Cherbourg

Registered office and name of the firm :

Audrey Boutet

25 ter, Ertot, 50340 Les Pieux, France

06 87 04 42 43

Email :


The present conditions are for a consumer with his or her full legal capacities. These conditions apply for all the orders you will place on this website. When validating your order, you agree with having a full knowledge of the general terms of sales and you do stick to them.



Broc & Pop is only trading with second-hand products. Each item is precisely described according to its principle characteristics (such as its function, material, weight, size, etc.) and to its possible defects and signs of use (like for example, scratches, spots, missing parts, use or ornamental condition, etc.). The product is shown with photos which fully highlight it.

We take great care of taking photos of our products. However, it may happen that colors or materials do not completely stick to the original. These photos are only used for showing the products and are non-contractual : Our responsibility will not be committed on this matter. We are at your disposal for any further questions about the products. Do not hesitate to ask for any extra photos you may need (click to get to the contact part).

Besides, because of their vintage category, the goods sold by Broc & Pop inevitably may not  meet the security rules from the European Union and therefore they are only meant for decoration, particularly regarding toys and electrical goods.



You make your choice while looking at our site's pages. What you select is added in your basket when clicking on "add this product to the basket". At any time while looking at the pages, you can validate your order by clicking on "validate my order".

When you press on "validate my order", a confirmation message appears. It sums up your whole choice and selected options. In this order form, please check all the given and useful information related to the shipment such as your address, telephone, etc. You must also take cognizance of the conditions described herein. If you accept them, you must tick the appropriate box "I take cognizance of the general terms of sale and I have a clean acceptance of them". All the orders involve the agreement for the price and for the description of the products.  

To go on with your order, you must click on "pay my order". Once you have paid on our secured web server, (cf.4. Payment and Security) an acknowledgement of payment will display. This confirms that your order has been registered and that an electronic message of confirmation will be sent to you very quickly.

If you happen to be wrong after having passed your order, you are requested to contact us. We will be able to take your changes into account only if they are mentioned before the goods are sent. On the contrary, you will be charged for the possible expenses related to redirecting, sending back, etc.

Broc & Pop reserves itself the right to cancel an order from a client with a former payment dispute.



The prices on the web site are in euros, all taxes included (not applicable VAT, article 293b from the CGI), excluding delivery.

The delivery expenses will appear when registering you order and they will change according to the size and the selected delivery possibilities (cf.5. Delivery).

The delivery expenses also include the cost for packing. Out of concern for savings and ecology, we may pack in already used but reliable cardboard boxes and plastics (see the details of the expenditure costs).

The prices indicated on our web site are given for information only and may change at any moment.



On site, each order with a purchasing amount above 20 euros gives you the right to a 1 point loyalty of 0.50 euros. At each level of purchase of 20 euros, 1 additional point will be allocated. You will be able to use these loyalty points for a next order.

For example : a basket amounting to 85 euros gives the right to a 4 points loyalty. Consequently, in that case,  you will be able to deduct 2 euros from your next order.

Loyalty points cannot be used for reimbursement or exchange. Neither can they be used for shipping charges.

When logging into your customer account, the amount of your loyalty points and their equity in reduction in prices will appear on the order page. 
On the page of the confirmation order, and before its payment, you will be able to specify the number of points you want to use regarding it (Use of loyalty points clickbox). You will then be able to use all or part of these loyalty points to pay for all or part of your order (delivery charges excluded).



By Paypal :

The payment by credit card is done on the Paypal secured bank server. This implies that no bank information related to your account is going through our site. Paypal codes and protects your card number. Just pay on line mentioning your electronic address and your password. So the payment by credit card is secured; your command will be registered and validated as soon as your payment is accepted.

Payment by bank transfer :

You must contact us so that we tell you about our bank information. The possible charges from the bank remain at your charge.



You will find on this page detailed information related to prices and delivery processes.

Your order will be sent only after your payment has been received and validated.

In case the product would not be available, you will be informed as soon as possible.

In case of delay in the shipping you will be informed as soon as possible either through email or by phone and we will suggest a new date. We deny all responsibility for delay in delivery which could result from post office services or from the conveyer.

You can contact us either by phone or by email regarding any question about your shipping (click to get to the contact section).

On-site withdrawal of the goods :

The Broc & Pop office is located in the Manche department (50), France. You can come and get your order on-site at number 25 ter, Ertot, 50340 Les Pieux, provided you contact us before to arrange an appointment. In this case, you will pay no delivery charges.

The delivery of small furniture : Colissimo and Mondial Relay

The standard parcels are sent through the French Post or private carrier "Happy Post" according to the destination. After your order has been sent, you will receive an email that will allow you to follow your parcel. The delivery times for France vary from 48h to 72h, plus 2 days in average for preparing your order ; 10 to 20 days for Europe and international.

In case the addressee would not be present when the good is delivered, the parcel will be kept in the Post Office for 2 weeks. After this period, the parcel will be returned to Broc & Pop, which reserves its right for reimbursing the cost of the order, the postal charges or a possible re-shipping at your charge.

When receiving the package and before opening it, carefully check its condition. No reimbursement will be done by Broc & Pop if your parcel is damaged or stolen. In that case, you have to set a report of abnormality to the Post Office as soon as you receive the parcel. You must also email us with a copy of this claim within 24hours.

In case this procedure has not been followed, we will then be relieved of our obligations in the delivery process.

You can also choose the Mondial Relay option which is by far, the less expensive one : delivery in the Relay Point in France, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg. The delays in delivery are from 3 to 6 working days + 2 days in average for preparing the shipping. When receiving the parcel, please check its condition before opening it. . No reimbursement will be done by Broc & Pop if your parcel is damaged or stolen. In that case, you have to set a report of abnormality to Mondial Relay as soon as you receive the parcel. You also have to email us a copy of this reclaim statement within 24 hours.

The shipping of a big furniture :

Before ordering, you are requested to check the size of the furniture. You also must be sure that they can get through your doors, stairs, lifts, corridors, etc. We will not take back and we will not reimburse a good which would appear too big when delivered.

Under certain conditions, we may deliver big furniture in France in some departments such as Calvados, Orne, Seine-Maritime and the north of Rennes.

Otherwise, the big items will be sent by a road haulier and upon a detailed estimate. He will leave the ordered items on your threshold. Moreover, the delivery person is not required to climb up the stairs or get into your place. The delivery deadlines are about 15 days.

The freight on the road is travelling at the buyer's risk. Please carefully check the state and conformity of the delivered good in the presence of the deliverer before signing the delivery form.

In case the parcel would be damaged (either with holes or in a bad state) you must refuse the parcel and immediately establish a report of anomaly to the deliverer. You must also email us a copy of this procedure within 24 hours. We will then be cleared of the obligation to monitor the shipping.



According to legal requirements, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you have a delay of 7 days after the delivery of your goods to send them back to us. You will have to justify of the delivery date to benefit from the right of withdrawal.

Except from the shipping and return expenses, which remain at your charge, we will reimburse the sum you paid. On our proposal, you also may choose another way for being reimbursed.

Note that you will be in charge of sending back the goods according to your choice and at your financial expenses. We are not responsible for organizing the return of the goods.

After receiving and checking their condition we will proceed to their reimbursement as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days depending on the date when you decided to withdraw. The cash-on-delivery parcels are not accepted.

The goods must be sent back in their original wrapping. In case we would find that they are in bad conditions due to a bad use which would make them impossible to sell again, no reimbursement would be possible.



According to the IT and liberty law dated 6 January 1976, you have the right to access and modify your personal data. Just contact us.



Unless specifically provided, all the web site elements are owned by Broc & Pop. Any whole or in part duplication is authorized on the condition that it clearly contains the information " » or « Broc & Pop ».



At any moment, Broc & Pop allows itself to modify the present general conditions of sales.